Joya de Nicaragua proudly announces Joya Copper and extends an invitation to cigar lovers around the world to rediscover the modern essence of full-bodied tradition from the oldest cigar factory in Nicaragua.

As the fifth member of the JOYA brand family along with Cabinetta, Red, Black and Silver, Joya Copper is a perfect complement that rounds out a complete offering that once again firmly establishes Joya de Nicaragua — the original power bomb maker — as the world’s premiere house of full-bodied cigars. Joya Copper is made using Nicaragua’s best tobacco, and each stick captures the soul of our blenders and “torcedores”, delivering a fully robust and spiced character profile that will transport modern cigar smokers to the world of bold smokers. Today is the moment to Raise your Bets and try Joya Copper.

“Joya Copper is the result of what a strong partnership is all about, in this project we worked hand-in-hand with the best talent of our factory, Drew Estate, and our friends at Cigars International where the product is going to be sold. We are really proud of it” said Juan Martinez, Executive President of Joya de Nicaragua.

Joya Copper comes in 20 count boxes, in 4 different sizes: 4 ½ x 52 Consul (MSRP $6.60), 5 x 46 Corona Gorda (MSRP $6.30), 5 ½ x 52 Robusto (MSRP $7.10) and 6 x 50 Toro (MSRP $7.80). The product will be showcased at the Cigars International store in The Colony, Texas on November 14th. It will be available only at Cigars International retail stores through December, and then will be available on its online site beginning January 2020.

“Our JOYA product family is a reawakening for those in search of rich, complex and bold cigars to journey into a world of discovery with Joya de Nicaragua, starting with our smoothest well-balanced blends and evolving into more sophisticated experiences when they try any Antaño or Obras Maestras product family. Each of them represents the essence of every single person that works at Joya who carries Joya de Nicaragua’s values, chivalry, humbleness and modesty,” added Juan Martínez.

We invite cigar lovers around the United States to join the online celebration and share their Joya de Nicaragua experience using